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Impact Index (Thomson-Reuters)
   2011: 0,421
   2012: 1,113
   2013: 0,776

   2014: 0,707
   2015: 0,569

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Print and electronic scientific publication of the Iberian Association of Limnology

Scope of publication

Limnetica publishes original research on the ecology of inland waters. The scope includes publishing limnetic ecology of rivers, lakes, reservoirs, coastal lagoons, wetlands, biogeochemistry, paleolimnology, development methodologies, taxonomy, biogeography, and all aspects of continental aquatic ecology theoretical and applied as management and conservation, impact assessment, ecotoxicology and pollution. Therefore Limnetica accepted articles for publication presenting scientific advances the state of knowledge, technological development and the resulting innovative practical applications in the fields of interest of the journal.

Editorial Team:

Editor: Isabel Muñoz
Associated Editors: Antonio Camacho (Universidad de Valencia); Presentación Carrillo (Universidad de Granada); Ana Almodóvar (Universidad Complutense de Madrid); Joan Armengol (Universidad de Barcelona); Jesús Pozo (Universidad del País Vasco); Francisco Rueda (Universidad de Granada);
José Barquín (Universidad de Cantabria); Enrique Moreno (Universidad de Málaga); Teresa Jesús (Universidade Fernando Pessoa);  Cláudia Pascoal (Universidade do Minho); Fernanda Cássio (Universidade do Minho).
 Press Secretary: Jaime Ordóñez

Editorial Board:
J. Alba Tercedor (Granada, Spain); J. Catalán (Barcelone, Spain); E. Chauvet (Toulouse, France); A. Encalada (Ecuador); T. Ferreira (Lisboa, Portugal); G. George  (Lancaster, United Kingdom); P. Giller (Cork, Ireland); H. L. Golterman (Netherlands); M. A. S. Graça (Coimbra, Portugal); C. Granado (Seville, Spain); D. Jacobsen (Hillerod, Dinamarca); M. Molles (Alburquerque, USA); L. Naselli-Flores (Palermo, Italy); A. Palau (Lleida, Spain); D. Planas (Montreal, Canada); N. Prat (Barcelone, Spain); A. Quesada (Madrid, Spain); A. Rodríguez Capítulo (La Plata, Argentina); J. G. Tundisi (Sao Carlos, Brazil); E. Vicente (Valencia, Spain); W. A Wurtsbaugh (Logan, UT, USA); H. Zagarese (Chascomús, Argentina).

To publish a paper in the printed edition of LIMNETICA, please consult instructions to authors. Manuscripts of papers for publication should be sent to the Editor, Dra. Isabel Muñoz, Departament d'Ecologia. Facultat de Biologia. Universitat de Barcelona. Av. Diagonal, 643. 08028-Barcelona. Contact.

All contacts regarding the journal, including subscriptions, interchanges and old printed issues, please contact the Press Department of the Iberian Limnological Association: E-mail. If you wish to publish only in the Internet edition, or to update a version of a paper in the printed version, Contact by e-mail.

Limnetica is  indexed in the following data bases:
Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts (ASFA); Zoological Record of BIOSIS® database; Freshwater Biological Association (FBA); NISSC’s FISHLIT database; Sistema de Información en Línea para Revistas Científicas de América Latina, Caribe, España y Portugal (LATINDEX); Library of Natural Sciences of Russian Academy of Science (LNS); Indice Español de Ciencia y Tecnología (ICYT); Scopus and Web of Knowledge (WOK) of Thomson-Reuters.

Limnetica magazine has been certified as excellent by the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT certificate-058-2011) and renewed next years.

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