Young AIL

The Iberian Association of Limnology (AIL) has a special section of Young AIL, made up of all those members which are students or postdoctoral researchers who do not yet have a permanent position. They have a working committee that organizes annual meetings and activities for this group.

When registering for the Association, there is an option to indicate if you want to belong to the Young-AIL when you provide your personal information.

The coordinators of the Young-AIL are Edurne Estévez and Isabel Fernandes.

Advantages of being a member of Young-AIL:
- possibility of participating in a network of young researchers
- possibility of applying for grants to participate in congresses organized or supported by AIL
- possibility of applying for projects for young researchers, organized by AIL and by the European Federation for Freshwater Sciences (EFFS)
- possibility of participating in meetings, courses and workshops organized or supported by AIL
- possibility of applying for the prize for the best Iberian (AIL) and European PhD thesis (EFFS).


High Mountain Andes lakes chronicles written in diatom and ostracod records

How scientists study tropical climatic conditions from 5 million years ago?One of the most important geologic and climatic events on Earth´s history was the uplift of the Andes mountains, in the South American continent. Nowadays, the tropical Andes are considered a hotspot of biodiversity for both macro (vegetation) and microorganisms. They are also a key source of freshwater to many South American countries. Once the Andes reached its present-day elevation over 4000 m above sea level, 5 million years ago, a variety of newly formed ecospaces developed. Among them, aquatic ecosystems such...

Grants for JAIL members to assist at the next AIL meeting

Dear friends,As JAIL member, you should know that the Iberian Association of Limnology (AIL) offers 10 grants to assist and make a scientific contribution to the next AIL meeting that will take place in Coimbra, 24-29 June 2018. Check out the information and deadlines to apply here.

2nd Collaborative European Freshwater Science Project for Young Researchers

Dear friends,The European Federation of Freshwater Sciences (EFFS) recently announced the 2nd call for collaborative project among early-career researchers across Europe. The Iberian Association of Limnology (AIL) is an active partner of this association and played a key role in funding the current project, as well as the first call and the two JAIL projects (DOMIPEX and...

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